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Welcome to Tony's Maths Guide our aim is to help people learn Maths in an easy to understand stress free environment for school, work or life in general. This guide can be used to learn each aspect of mathematics one after another or to dip into the units you as you need them. Tony's Maths Guide is also great for revision by allowing you to repeatedly take randomly generated quizzes to test your Maths knowledge.

Tony's Maths Guide is broken down into units which cover a different branch of mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, mode and many more. Infact we have over 30 different units with maths quizzes to test your knowledge and help with your maths revision.

Our Guide is also designed to work just as well on mobile so is great to use in work or school to help you understand any mathematical problems you need to deal with. View our courses or sign up now to start learning maths competently with less stress.

Previous Students

  • My daughter has just had her last maths tuition with Tony before the SATS next week. Over the last 6 months Tony has helped Harriet gain confidence which has shown in her practice papers. Her scores have just got better and better.

    - Andrea

  • Without having tuition with Tony, I wouldn't have passed my maths functional skills level 2 to be able to gain my level 3 childcare and obtain a new job. Definitely recommend.
    Thanks Tony.

    - Lynne

  • Tony has been brilliant with my daughter. He has really brought out her confidence in Maths and we have seen some great improvements. She always enjoyed her sessions with him too, which helped. I would definitely recommend Tony!

    - Yvet

  • Tony has tutored my 10-year-old daughter for the last 12 months. Her understanding of maths has greatly improved along with her confidence in lessons at school and this shows in her latest school report. Many thanks for all your help Tony.

    - Sam

  • Tony is an excellent tutor. He is incredibly knowledgeable, is always well prepared and very patient. My daughter lacked confidence with Maths and he helped her to believe in herself which helped not just with Maths but across all her GCSE subjects.
    Thanks Tony!

    - Kathryn

About Tony's Maths Guide

Who is Tony?

I am a fully qualified, freelance Numeracy Specialist, I have 16 years’ experience of students with learning difficulties and disabilities including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. I spent 10 years as a college lecturer working in Further Education. I have experience of teaching Key Stage 1 - 4, KS2 SATS preparation, GCSE Foundation and Functional Skills including school children, students and adults of all ages.

Why did I write a maths guide?

Tony’s Maths Guide is not a course, it is a guide to help people who struggle with maths on a daily basis. The guide can help with day-to-day basic maths at school, at work or at home and can be accessed anywhere by mobile phone, tablet, laptop and computer. Each unit of the guide uses gives step by step instructions, examples and is supported by a quiz. Tony’s Maths Guide has been developed to use with a calculator.

Maths Units

When you sign up with Tony's Maths you receive access to 28 Maths Units and Quizzes including the following:


A type of average used in many Maths courses including SATS, GCSE & Functional Skills. The Mode is used when looking at a particular group such as whole numbers, colours, cars or items of food.

Like all our units, the unit guide and quiz questions are included to help you learn and practice using your skills.


Students of all ages are often confused with fractions, learn how to:

  • Add, subtract, multiply & divide fractions
  • Simplify fractions
  • Calculate a fraction of an amount
  • Convert between fractions and decimals
  • Convert between fractions and percentages
  • Convert between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers


Ratio is used in the home and at work, from baking to building and healthcare to hair studios. Learn how to compare two or more quantities following step by step instructions.

Like all our units, the unit guide and quiz questions are included to help you learn and practice using your skills.

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